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VETDACO (called V) is a nonprofit Vocational Education Training Development Awareness Raising Organization which was established by group of professionals in 1982 initially on the name of Information Management Consultant. Over the years organization has also gained rich experience in the fields of vocational and technical training, s kill standards, curriculum, national vocational education qualification framework (NVEQF) development, training of trainers, women training and employment, thus it was renamed as VETDACO. Its primary objective is to elevate the economic and social status and dignity of under privileged community to bring it at par with privileged sections of the society through their training, education and capacity building. Since its inception it is engaged serving underprivileged community which includes poor youth, women, and labour through their education, training and capacity building.



The over population growth, untapped resources, illiterate, community, un- skilled labour force , wide spread unemployment, negligible participation of women, child labour, natural disasters, epidemics, terrorism all placed serious challenges also for nongovernmental organizations and civil society. V while playing its role fighting against these problems making its efforts to evolve knowledge based peaceful nonviolent society with the participation of the community. Resultantly V thrust areas of operation are:-

1. Vocational and Technical Training

2. Trade Unions Labour Education and Training

3. Women Development

4. Awareness Raising and Capacity Building of the masses

Apart of vocational and technical training meeting the need for trained manpower of wide-spread adoption of new machines and techniques V also provides the enlightenment to the labour and trade unions necessary to conquer their ignorance and for developing ability to adopt a new way of economic, social, cultural, and political life. In this respect V has initiated the different training and capacity building programmes with aim to produce skilled workers responsive to their rights and responsibilities to compete with world technological advancement. Promote women progress by endorsing legal framework for everyone intending to achieve a healthy peaceful nonviolent constructive atmosphere for effectively advancement of social, economic justice, sense of patriotism an important felt need of Pakistan.




Develop knowledge based peaceful nonviolent society by imparting training, education sensitization, and consciousness to enable them to play their role positively meritoriously and competently in the society.



V is focused towards its appearance as a front-runner of nation development through its community participation and advancement by creating enabling environment for everyone particularly for neglected segment of the society.


Service: V believes in providing service to our users in a timely, effective and efficient manner.


V believes in conducting task ethically with integrity and confidentiality.



V believes that everyone achieves more when work together and pool strengths in collaborative environment.


V believes in providing employees, clients and stakeholders with opportunity for




V believes in fostering personal and professional growth in a stimulating and supportive environment that recognizes and develops individual talents and skills.



V believes in a work environment that treats everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy. Positive Work Environment: V believes in fostering a challenging, supportive and enjoyable working environment.


V believes that the way to acknowledging, supporting and addressing people’s needs is through effective, two-way communication.


V believes in cooperation collaboration with everyone to provide them confidence recognition and support with our real interaction.



V is all for have- not community and all of its activities are designed to provide benefits to the poorest through their training, skill enhancement, capacity building for better income generation opportunities and decent living. The ultimate objectives of the Organization are as under:-V is committed to elevate economic and social status besides dignity of marginalized  community to bring  it at par with privileged sections of the society through their  training, education and  capacity building.

To support the unprivileged  youth to keep pace with technological advancement  by providing them skill training, career counseling, vocational guidance , income generation  and job  placement services

To increase women participation in paid work by their capacity building and combating attitudinal, institutional, legislative barriers that continue to hamper women progress

Enhance  knowledge, capacity and capability of the working poor/ labour to ensure their outreach to the benefits of development.

To identify imbalances, skill gaps and potential areas of training where sustainable income generation and employment opportunities remain available within country and abroad through research and analysis.



V has a credible reputation and working knowledge in the area and has its outreach all over the Pakistan through its networking with other organizations and its experts which are based at four provincial headquarters i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Quetta & Peshawar including other cities such as Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan, Khanewal, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Haripur, Quetta, Hub etc. V is working with close coordination of Public and Private Sectors, International Donors and Supporters NGOs, Civil Society Associations, Community leaders, Trade Unions and Trade Unions Federations, Employers& their Federations , Chamber of Commerce and industries and several others . V has designated a coordinator whose responsibility is to coordinate with everyone and make sure that progress of each programme is made and results be achieved within the time frame as agreed upon. V would like to initiate more proactive cooperation with other NGOs, CBOs and government agencies to share experiences and coordinate actions. V is active in finding and supporting almost all of the related networks.



V operates through its Board of Directors. Governing body is formulating its policies and making all the decisions through simple majority. GB conducts its regular meetings to review and monitor its progress and set different targets and strategies for the improvement. The chairman is supported by senior management to oversee the day to day administration to promote its team work. V Head office and Registration offices are based in Islamabad but activities and intervention are undertaken all over the Pakistan through provincial and regional facilitating offices. V have 4 Directors 13 full time members and 17 part time members along with 10 active consulting staff and network of 67 trainer’s resource person’s field associates throughout the Pakistan. V has very special experienced team of experts; each of them is very qualified and everyone has more than 20 years diversified experience of the grass root level. They served in different public, private and multi donor establishments. Our experts belongs to different culture and provinces and knows languages English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Baluchi, Hindko, Arabic, Korean etc.




V is working under the chairmanship of Ms Razia Zuberi who have vast knowledge and diversified grass root level experience of thrust areas while working in close coordination with public sector organisations, international donors, non-governmental organizations , labour associations, civil society and community leaders and headed 2 large public sector Training Organizations and several international donors Projects. The other members of Board of Directors also have similar expertise and dedicated to serve unprivileged segment of the society with full devotion, The name of other Directors are as under:-